20 ML Amber Glass Sterile Vial (25 Pack)

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This product is a pre-assembled amber glass sterilized vial with a stopper, aluminum crimp seal, and flip-top cap. It is made of pyrogen-free borosilicate glass that has been dry heat sterilized for maximum safety. The volume of the vial is 20 mL, and comes in a carton containing 25 pieces. Additionally, the closure has a coated latex-free flip-top cap (colors may vary). This product is sterilized and processed in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, USA.

  • Catalog Number: 14789-169-05
  • Description: Amber-colored glass sterilized vial pre-assembled with stopper and aluminum crimp seal & flip-top cap*. Pyrogen-free.  
  • Color: Amber
  • Material: Glass (borosilicate)
  • Sterility: Sterile – dry heat sterilization (dyrogenation sterilization process)
  • Volume (Metric): 20 mL
  • # of vials per carton: 25 vials
  • Closure Material: Aluminum
  • Closure Type: Crimp Cap (Assembled) with Stopper
  • Stopper: FluroTec® coated & latex-free
  • Flip-top Cap: Colors may vary
  • Type: Vial
  • Closure Size: 20 mm
  • Production Location:  Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, USA

CofA Available Upon Request